Who we are

Scientia Naturam, LLC was created by Eric Sanchez to fulfill humanity’s need for high quality nutraceutical products, formulated, manufactured, and analyzed using the latest technologies available for nutritional and pharmaceutical products. Considering the many nutritional products manufacturers supply with sub-optimal, low quality products that fail to meet customers’ needs it is imperative to create nutritional products that are accurate, effective and whose uses are sustained by scientific evidence.

Why? We believe that our products will meet humanity’s needs for accurate, effective and safe nutritional supplements based on scientific evidence.

Our Goals

Develop formulas nutritional support for the following conditions

Gastric support

Immune System support

Mental support

Joint pain support

Circulatory support

Recent Post


An Innovation Strategy for the Transformation of Generic Drugs Manufacturing and Supply

The manufacturing and supply of generic drugs needs a transformation for its sustainability, quality, manufacturing modernization, supply reliability, and affordability. The best way to reach this transformation is by using pharmaceutical technologies advancement and innovation. This innovation strategy provides the basis of this transformation of generic medicines tailored to any generic manufacturer.

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